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 Welcome to Crider Farms

Crider Farms is situated in Central Illinois just south of Arrowsmith, Illinois.  The Crider family has been farming at this location for well over 75 years.   Crider Farms is also located at St. Joseph, Illinois which has also been in the family for well over a century.  Farming has been at the heart of the Crider family for centuries.

Our operation consists mainly of grain farming which includes corn, soybeans, and oats.   We also raise and bale alfalfa and grass hay.  We also raise competitive cattle and sheep breeding stock.  We use and encourage diversity on the farm to allow us to compete better with other farms in our area.

We have the most experience with grain farming, with using many different techniques.  Currently, we practice no till soybeans in the past we drilled the beans.  More recently we have been using a planter because we find that the cost to income ratio is much better.  When planting corn, we still use conventional tillage, and we plant at many different types  of corns.  Other than corn and beans we have experience with planting oats, alfalfa, and native grasses.  We can apply any technique of farming that you would like to be used.

When the family is not grain farming, we spend our time raising livestock.  We raise purebred Angus cattle we sell the calves to 4-Her’s and other Angus breeder’s.  We also raise purebred Columbia sheep.  The Columbia’s are raised out, and sold or shown.  The Columbia’s also serves as our production flocks bringing in quality lambs for market with little cost.  We take great pride in raising livestock that can compete at home producing numbers and can stand well in the show ring.

Crider Farms is very flexible and very knowledgeable with the farming industry and we can adjust our farming practices to your preferences.  We will consult with your personal preferences so you the customer can get the best possible out come of working with Crider Farms.


Crider Family

Dan & Anne Crider 32377E. 750 N. Rd. Arrowsmith, IL 61722
(309) 727-1154